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Tina Frundt Wants to Become a Male Escort in Washington DC

Filed in Escort | Posted by admin on December 20, 2023

Tina Frundt Wants to Become a Male Escort in Washington DC

While waiting for her private jet to land, Natalie Frundt began reading magazines and daydreaming of escorts Washington DC nightlife with her own personal male escort. Soon enough, Natalie found herself completely immersed in fantasy until reality set back in. Once back on earth however, Natalie knew exactly what would happen next.

Male escorts provide services involving sexual activity with individuals for hire and are generally paid directly by them. Escorts may work at high-end clubs or hotels; alternatively they could work independently as freelance contractors.

An exceptional escort can bring in thousands of dollars every week depending on their skill. The top escorts are beautiful women who know how to hypnotize clients into wanting more; knowledgeable enough to teach a variety of sexual tricks; always eager to please and will do everything necessary to satisfy clients’ fetishes and fantasies.

Escorting business comes with its share of risks. Prostitution remains illegal in DC and those found engaging in prostitution face stiff legal consequences if found guilty; for example, one DC judge sentenced an escort worker for trafficking and controlling over 30 women at his brothel; this led an anti-prostitution organization known as Polaris Project to estimate annual earnings as high as $632k from pimps alone!

Washington DC escorts strip clubs range from lavish showrooms such as Nexus Gold Club to more quaint neighborhood bars–albeit with women dancing nude–that serve food. A freeze on licenses has provided local club owners with job security while keeping national chains such as Scores out. But Washington’s 3,800 adult clubs only represent a tiny part of the $75 billion worldwide industry.

Tina Frundt once operated her prostitution business in Washington’s red-light district; today, she works with a national nonprofit that strives to prevent and disrupt sex trafficking. A tall, attractive brunette with large eyes and an approachable smile, Tina is now working for this national nonprofit as an outreach officer doing outreach outreach work preventing and disrupting sex trafficking. Tina believes her experiences made her more compassionate toward clients’ challenges; as a former prostitute herself she possesses deep insights into their circumstances while providing safe environments where clients feel secure; knowing sex can create deep feelings of vulnerability that she strives to build self-esteem for all clients involved.